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UFO Secret Space ~ 08/21/20 ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Karen Gresham Nickell

Janet & Karen talk about extraterrestrials, consciousness, paranormal, ghosts, deceased relatives and friends and contact with the dearly departed and aliens. Are we all interdimensional beings experiencing lives in sentient avatars? We explore these topics and many more.


JANET KIRA LESSIN is an author (http://www.amazon.com/author/janetkiralessin), radio talk show host, television personality, educator, experiencer, contactee, researcher, conference presenter, conference organizer, workshop leader, hypnotherapist, and counselor.  She’s been featured in Time and Der Spiegal and dozens of articles in newspapers, magazines, and online.  She’s been on “Time Zone International”, “Leeza Gibbons Show”, “Extra”, “Inside Edition”, “Talk or Walk”, “John Walsh Show” and she’s been interviewed on dozens of radio shows and has interviewed and produced over 1000 radio shows (and counting). She broadcasts 4 to 7 days a week on the Aquarian Radio Network (www.aquarianradio.com) which she created with her husband, Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin..

She and Dr. Sasha Lessin, have written 10 books together and individually and have several books in the works at all times.  They present and teach on a wide variety of subjects including tantra, relationships, counseling, contactees and experiencers, UFOs, secret space program, paranormal, psychic phenomenon, extraterrestrials, aliens and inter-dimensional beings, ghosts, reincarnation, hypnotherapy at conferences, in skype groups, webinars, phone, in person, on the internet, radio, books, media, etc. and in growth centers.  She works with those who channel, who engage in shamanic journeywork, or who use tantric rituals to access the superconscious.  She and her husband and their cats live and love in their paradise jungle retreat in beautiful Maui, Hawaii.

Website: www.janetkiralessin.com


Karen Gresham Nickell is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Licensed Educator in the state of Texas. A contactee herself, Karen believes that love is the key to humanity’s galactic mission in raising consciousness for contact with extraterrestrials. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Karen interviewed hundreds of coal miners who were witnesses to extraordinary events in the Virginia UFO Sightings of 1987 as described in the book Don’t Look Up. Karen offers Energy Readings and Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Mrs. Gresham Nickell worked as a researcher for author David St. Clair, traveling between Dallas, Texas, and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. It was in Rio that Karen undertook a project for intensive personal spiritual discovery focused on indigenous Brazilian practices along with the exploration of paranormal phenomena.

During the mid-1980s Karen Gresham Nickell worked as a Clinical Hypnotherapist operating her private practice in the Parioli residential section of Rome, Italy. In her role as an Intuitive Empath, Mrs. Gresham Nickell conducted readings along with assessments leading to treatment via Clinical Hypnosis. In the early 1990s, Karen continued her work in Dallas, Texas under Dr. Antonio Elio Borme in a medical practice offering Clinical Hypnotherapy. Today, Karen Gresham Nickell continues to offer assessments and treatments through her private practice.

Karen has counseled business executives and CEOs, play writes, contactees, and many national and international celebrities including Federico Fellini, Franco Brusati, and Antonio Carlos “Tom” Jobim (Brazilian Composer, “The Girl from Ipanema”).

Karen has recorded three guided journey CDsCosmic Resonance, Planetary Enlightenment and I Am Cosmic.

You can visit Karen online, and listen to sample tracks of her CDs, at KarenGresham.com.

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