The governments of this world conceal the real space program which is actually Star Trekkian to Star Warsian in nature. There are many factions in space. They are peaceful, warlike, human, alien, extraterrestrial, inter-dimensional, Q-like, divine, angelic, dark, demonic, enlightened, conscious and more. Experiencers, whistleblowers, Supersoldiers, Abductees, Contactees, secret military personnel and slaves come forth to reveal “the truth” and what’s happening behind the scenes, behind closed doors, hidden from the “regular public”.

We here at “UFO Secret Space” interview, investigate and document. Many staff members have their own experiences to share. We recognize we’re on a long, twisty road and we haven’t begun to see the end of the tunnel. We invite you to participate, become a MEMBER, help us share the load and contribute how you can. Come on our shows, send us articles and youtubes, donate time and energy, come to our events and conferences, send prayers and meditations, make comments to encourage us. However you donate your time to the healing of this world and all her people, creatures and features, we appreciate your kind and loving thoughts and intentions.

We know we are not alone. We are a planetary, galactic and universal community. We invite friendly contact while protecting ourselves from dark forces, trolls and the like. Join us in the adventure. The journey’s a wild one, full of fun. Enjoy the show for soon you’ll be gone and back again before you know it.